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Australia’s Happiness Technician Interview with Trudi Pavlovsk,


I help humans get back their positive vibe which then helps them bring their big picture goals to reality. I do this by busting mindset barriers, rewriting old stories and paving a glittered path towards happiness and success.

But life wasn’t always sparkly and wasn’t always easy.

I grew up always feeling like the odd one out, especially after being bullied for many years in primary school. I experienced other forms of childhood abuse which I then carried into my teen and adult years.

It took me a long to time to understand I was only a victim if I let myself be and I did have the ability to live in charge of my own destiny. This realisation came after my third suicide attempt. I had to decide I was worth saving, which I did and life started to slowly transform.

I walked away from bad influences, drugs, and the party scene to start.

After spending the last fifteen years learning how my mind, emotions and physical body impact my identity alongside my ability to direct my life I now support others to do the same.

If a country kid with no self-worth can change her life for the better, so can you. It starts with deciding you are worth it.

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