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As a person who has been in the corporate finance industry for 20 years, Tina Collura knows what it means to climb the corporate ladder, work incredibly long hours (which includes a 4 hour a day commute) and missing out on precious moments with her family. In January 2019, she felt like everything was crashing down on her, and that breakdown lead her to her greatest breakthrough! It was time to focus on achieving her perfect day, instead of chasing after the perfect corporate title.
In 2009, Tina received her coaching certification from the Quantum Success Coaching Academy and hasn’t looked back! Using her experience as both a people and project manager, Tina blends those skills to coach and motivate others to live their life with purpose, balance and a focus on positivity. Her energy, passion and commitment to growth has been integral to helping her clients successfully achieve their goals.

Tina’s Coaching Company is called “See Yourself Grow” was established in 2009. She has been a successful coach since 2005! Certified with the Quantum Success Coaching Academy.

Tina was just named as one of the 500 people featured on the Brainz Magazine 500 Global list of 2020! For her outstanding Entrepreneurial Work and Coaching Processes! She shares this list with people like
• Mel Robbins,
• Elon Musk,
• Simon Sinek and
• Kamala Harris..just to name a few
• Here is the link if you would like to check it out: https://www.brainzmagazine.com/brainz-500-global?utm_campaign=3a4247b0-4373-4fc9-a6be-053dd50be5c2&utm_source=so&utm_medium=mail&cid=90ef9e49-ab11-4dec-b31d-8597f508a3fd

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