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Instagram Expert & Business Building Coaching Strategies Interview With Sue B Zimmerman


My Entrepreneurial Journey

Starts 30 Years Ago…

Since my first business hit 7 figures in sales at the age of 22, I have spent my career following trends which have been driven by my passion for entrepreneurship. I’ve opened more businesses than I can count on one hand to allow me to prioritize what matters most – my family.

And while my resume includes everything from children’s art classes to selling $5,000 worth of products a minute on QVC, it wasn’t until I became the Instagram™ expert that I found the true freedom, flexibility, and purpose that I didn’t even know I was after.

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Value Takeaways:

1 – The difference and impact of being productive and not just busy

2 – Being a standout and gaining confidence with deeper conversations

3 – How IGTV works

Interview Highlights


Sonia gives a brief introduction about Sue

  1. Sue is an influence Speaker
  2. She is also an online marketing agent
  3. She is among top 50 social media marketers and influencers


Sue talks about being productive and not busy

  1. She believes everyone can be busy but only a few can be productive
  2.  She has a degree in nutrition that she never used
  3. She has been doing Instagram marketing for 8 years


What would be some of your suggestions for people who are getting started with creating their presence?

  1. Have a high level strategy
  2. Have the right followers
  3. Let your visual content represent what you do


How should people represent themselves when trying to be strategic?

  1. Go deeper in our conversations
  2. Give Information that helps your followers


What are your recommendations for people who are not confident to write but want to do videos?

  1. Make sure to put subtitles


How do people monetize their Instagram?

  1. Use content engagement conversion
  2. Have excellent content
  3. Be Consistent


Sue shares her screen with listeners to explain more

  1. She shows the URL’s and explains how IGTV works


Can you tell listeners about consistency for people who are just starting out

  1. Consistency is what you do in your life consistently


What would be your recommendation for people who are wondering how to manage posting and business?

  1. It is all about priority, analyze and decide what is important that you are going to commit to


What would be your recommendation for people who would want to hire other people who are into social media marketing to assist them?

  1. If it’s not you, you will lose the essence of you and no win


What would be your advice on testing and increasing different strategies and techniques that they would like to approach in the different neighborhood you mentioned?

  1. Look at conversations
  2. Take a look at engagement


What would be your recommendations as opposed to the two platforms as to which to will be the most helpful to people who are just starting out?

  1. She recommends starting with feeds first and not the Igtv


What would be your advice to people who feel the imposter syndrome?

  1. She recommends seeing a therapist as the best option


What is on the horizon for you in 2020?

  1. She has an ongoing program that is content filled with strategies to help your business


Sue talks about her offer to listeners which is a guide to help you put together a strategy that will help your business

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