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CEO of Citrines Interview with Sirisha Ravuri


Sirisha Ravuri is the Founder and CEO of Citrines. Her passion is to help people, teams and organizations to reach their fullest potential by using State-of-the- at change tools like Neuro-Linguistic Programming. She is a Licensed Practitioner of NLP and Accredited in Belbin Team Roles Consultant. She is the youngest participant to have attended an international leadership training called Leadership Grid. She spoke at The Best You Expo this year. She believes she can work miracles in your life and business and help you become the best version of yourself!

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How To Set SMART Goals Properly: https://citrines.in/free-from-citrines-smart-goals-how-to-properly-set-a-goal/

Value Takeaways:

  • Try to develop a positive internal dialogue with your subconscious
  • Walk before running; setting small goals will help you achieve bigger goals
  • Always reward yourself for your goals, it will motivate you to continue conquering your goals
  • Having a vision board prominently displayed is a great way to remind yourself of your goals and the direction you want to go in

Interview Highlights

Today I am joined by Sirisha Ravuri is a licensed practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), and the founder and CEO of Citrines. She has a passion for leadership and helping people, assisting them to grow and find success and abundance in their work. We talk about how NLP can be used on a subconscious as well as a conscious level and identifying the natural aptitude of a team to achieve synergy. The main topic of conversation is goals setting, and processes you can use to achieve your goals. Sirisha talks us through how to set goals successfully, and processes you can use to make sure you stick to your goals and achieve everything you want.

00:45 – Sonia introduces Sirisha Ravuri

2:05 – Sirisha talks through what she does

  • She talks about her fathers role in assisting her throughout her career
  • How she got her start in the world of NLP
  • Where her passions lie

5:45 – Sirisha talks through what NLP is and why it is important

  • The definition of NLP

7:28 – Using NLP for your inner dialogue

  • Dialogue with your subconscious and the law of attraction
  • Preventing negative inner dialogue

9:50 – Eligibility and Suitability when working in a role

  • How to build a synergistic team
  • Identifying peoples natural strengths

12:25 – 3 reasons why you’re not achieving goals

  • 3 Common mistakes people make when goal setting
  • How to avoid these mistakes when you’re setting goals

20:05 Creating vision boards around your goals to motivate you

  • Different ways you can create a vision board

25:20 Sirisha’s top tip for setting goals

  • Walk before you run
  • Setting bitesize goals to build confidence

31:15 Tips for re-tweaking or reestablishing your goals

  • Breaking down your big goals into small goals
  • The importance of celebrating the small and big wins

35:20 Advice for people who don’t appreciate the importance of goals

38:20 What’s on the horizon for Sirisha for the rest of 2020

  • Using the opening up of the online world to her benefit
  • How Sirisha is moving her practice online

39:53 A special offer from Sirisha for our podcast listeners

  • Go to the link in the show notes to receive the PDF

41:10 – A closing statement from Sirisha

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