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Want To Take Your Business & Life To The Next Level?

Are you finding the operations of your business is starting to get on top of you?

Have you created a monster?

What about that life balance and happiness?

Are You Wanting A Holistic Approach For A Prosperous Business & Life?

Being a Successful Entrepreneur and being prosperous means to achieve goals in all facets of your personal and professional life. That’s what I’m really good at helping others with.

The questions I’d ask you are…

Do You:


Want To Improve The Different Facets Of Your Personal & Professional Life To Be Prosperous?


Want To Be Prosperous In Business So You Have More Choices For Your Personal Life

Why Did I Create This Program?

With having worked with small, medium and large businesses, CEO’s and Staff, I have found:

I’m passionate in helping Entrepreneurs achieve success because Entrepreneurs, you,  positively impact many lives and communities…and that means we all need you to be successful.

And being a certified, qualified, experienced Business Trainer Assessor and Entrepreneur, I get really cross with the fake “business coaches” and poor advice out there!!!

You deserve better!

I’ve helped take Entrepreneurs past the 6 figures. I helped 7 figure Entrepreneurs manage their projects. I also helped an Entrepreneur build a $15M prototype in 10 months AND break industry records.

There are many systems, metrics and moving parts when it comes to massive growth.

Don’t get caught and implode like so many Entrepreneurs I’ve seen in the past.

Get empowered for now and into your future.

Let’s take your Business & Life to the next level!


Prosperity Business Coaching

This is an exclusive 6-month tailored 1:1 program for you.

I personally work with you to map & implement a clear pathway for your prosperity using my exclusive 21 POINT CHECKLIST ANALYSIS & METHOD. 

Valued at $14,997 USD…

Now $4,997 USD

(Only 10 spots available for this price before Nov 30th 2021 )

The Process & What’s Involved…

1. We chat to see if you're a fit for my program...


2. If you are a fit then you'll need to sign a contract...


3. You then secure your spot with a payment...


4. You receive your goodies each month to take you through each step as it suits YOU.

(Only 10 spots available for this price before Nov 30th 2021 )

What You Get…

The Details…

  • Now you ARE a fit… you and I then work together on 10 Of  The 21 Point Checklist Analysis which covers:
    • your business plan basics
    • your marketing plan basics
    • your profit margins and opportunities
    • your message to market & USP
    • your MVP
    • your avatar analysis
    • your sales processes, pitching, negotiations and closing
    • your social media analysis
    • your operation processes
    • your SWOT on business, self and staff
    • your contingency plans
    • your vision, mission and values statements
    • your pitching techniques
    • your goal setting techniques
    • your prioritization techniques
    • your leadership skills
    • staffing: hiring, firing, growing and contracting
    • contracts to close loop-holes
    • your emotional blocks in business
    • your money blocks
    • plus extra bonuses (as required)
  • Your unique tailored program involves meeting 3-4 times a month with 60-90min sessions mapping & honing your skills, experience, knowledge, strengths, opportunities, challenges, and options.

  • In your first 2 weeks, we work together through the 10 Of The 21 Point Checklist Analysis to create a basic business plan with your major goals, your current market position and select the best pathway for you. We also work out your best back-up plans too.

  • We then look at what has and hasn’t been working for you, what business and marketing strategies will suit you and your clients, your staff and your business for up to 12 months.
  • Together we select the right strategies, processes, and tools to help you overcome your frustrations to achieve your desired success results!

  • We set your weekly activities for you to use in your professional and personal life. Some of the skills you hone are; resilience, mindfulness, time management, prioritization etc.

  • During the final month of the program together we work out a brief plan for your next 12months. By now you are confidently on your way in creating your business and life by design.

  • At the end of the final month of the program, you will fill out a survey similar to the 21 Point Checklist Analysis to determine your improvement

A Few Testimonies…

Sonia is an amazing wealth of information and really knows her stuff. I find her to be incredibly passionate about helping others which reflects in her communication with you! Thanks Sonia!



I’ve learned so much from Sonia and loved every minute, even when she stretches me I know she’s always got my back.


Thank you so much for helping me with my social media learning Sonia. You’re such an inspiration with your ideas and enthusiasm.


Thank you for your wonderful support, you made it “happen” for me! With lots of gratitude and appreciation from me to you.


Why Choose Me?

Having worked with over 3000 business owners and staff across many types of industries, like podcasting, TV shows, business & life coaching, eCommerce, retail, trades, corporate, MLM, sales, telemarketing, plus more, I feel confident in helping you to achieve your goals. 

I’m an Entrepreneur having built and sold businesses I’ve started from scratch for both online and offline.

I’ve even taught Business at Universities and managed Technical Training organizations, plus managed government department clients and been head-hunted to turn around profit and not-for-profit organizations.

I won’t waste your time nor mine if I believe I won’t be able to make a difference with your goals.

How about we both grab a cuppa and chat about what you want to achieve and how I can help? That’s the best way to see if we are both a fit for each other.

Your Guarantee…

You receive a quality guarantee for your tailored program.

Having gained years of knowledge and experience I know my methods work for my clients.

That’s why I know you’ll be extremely happy.

I understand sometimes life can take a huge turn side-ways…hopefully, this doesn’t happen to you, however, if it does, you have the option of freezing your program and payments or a payout option of the first 20%. I am honest upfront and transparent as I’m sure you are too.


How fast will I get results?

That depends. I am unable to guarantee results for legal reasons – I can’t predict what you and won’t do with your coaching and resources.

I can say though – over the past 29 years of training and coaching 2800 owners and staff I have had many success stories. I even have students still reaching out to me 8 years after I’ve trained them in the Diploma of Business for continued support because they know where they get great advice and help.

In general, it is not uncommon for clients to get results in their first month, however by the third month you can really start to see differences.

There are many variables that come down to your effort and consistency.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes. You pay monthly at the first day of each month of starting.

The monthly payments are $957.75 USD including tax & payment fees

(It’s an additional 15% for taxes and administration fees)

Is it cheaper to pay all in one payment?


Paying the $4,5997 up front will save you $749.50

What sort of support will you give me?

You will have lots of support from me during and in between our individual coaching sessions.

What if I'm unhappy? How does the quality guarantee work?

I can’t have you being unhappy. I’m like a dog with a bone. If you’re willing to learn, adapt and be critiqued and you’re putting in the effort, then I’ll match it and then some.

If for whatever reason you’re unhappy I’d like us both to be professional and negotiate an outcome where you will be happy.

The quality guarantee is about my deliverables being of value to you.

If your business situation has changed dramatically and you need to exit this program, you will only need to pay out the first 20% ($999.40)

In your first 2 weeks, we will establish a benchmark of where you believe you are at in my exclusive 31 Point Checklist Analysis.

Every month we will record your outcomes to establish how much the needle is moving for you. By the end of the first 30 days you would have had some improvements, therefore, would have had value delivered from me for you to have achieved improvement. This is one way in which I can guarantee my worth.

At the end of the program, you will fill out a survey and the same 21 Point Checklist Analysis. This will demonstrate your areas of improvement and how much of an improvement has been made.

It will also indicate what you could do further from here.




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