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“Anything you can imagine, you can create!” – Oprah Winfrey

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About Prosper with Sonia Clark

As an Entrepreneur business life and personal life tend to meld together and quite often clash.

Balancing it all is quite an act requiring us all to be prosperous in all facets of our personal and professional life.

That’s where you come in. You talk about your expertise to aid the audience – Business Owners (and their staff).

You’ll provide tips, advice, and a Free Offer / Lead Magnet so listeners can find you easily.

The ethos of this show is to pay-it-forward and promote each other to therefore be successful and for communities to prosper.

Check out our other Podcasts here: www.soniaclark.com/episode/

Book yourself in for a “Meet & Greet” now.

I love interviewing Entrepreneurs like you!

Here are some things that I need from you before the interview:

  • your Bio (short)
  • your headshot
  • your URL for your free offer/lead magnet
  • the title and a brief description of your offer

You can continue to communicate with me via [email protected]


[email protected]

Unless you’re on a tight 15 mins schedule, I like to structure the interview this way (which takes 30-45mins):

  • I introduce you using a little of your Bio
  • you tell your story
  • you talk about your favourite topic with me some asking deep-dive questions
  • when we need to move on I will ask you what’s on the horizon for the remainder of the year for you
  • then I’ll ask you what your offer is for the listeners

I will provide you with a copy of the interview a couple of weeks later.

I will promote the interview on the 18 podcast platforms and 2x’s on my 5 other social media platforms with over 60000 followers

You will get:

  • a dedicated 1 Page on my website with all your information!
  • a graphic to use 
  • a couple of links to the interview 

Talk soon! smile

Check out our other Podcasts here: www.soniaclark.com/episode/

Book yourself in for a “Meet & Greet” now.




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