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Get Healthy & Active For Women Over 50 In Business Interview with Peta Green


Peta Green is a qualified fitness and lifestyle professional with 15 years’ experience working with women.  Featured in Prevention Magazine, a regular on the Fit N Fifty Plus Podcast Show, and a Finalist in the Australian Fitness Industry Awards, Peta is passionate about helping women 50+ be active, healthy, and #1 in their lives.

Peta is the creator of FITFlex (a fitness and flexibility program for women 50+), Fuelled Up, and the founder of Ageless Confidence which helps women no matter what stage of life to “believe they can”. 

She started her own well-being journey after watching the effects of preventable diseases on the women in her family.  She faced a health issue of her own in her 40’s.  And then menopause hit her like a tonne of bricks, which started the process of research and finding her way through strategies that completely transformed her health and has since taught these same strategies to thousands of other women. 

Peta loves skiing, hiking, traveling, self-care time, staying active, and loves reading to learn and grow.

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LINK TO Women Over 50 Get Active & Healthy This month’s challenge is Let’s Connect. Connecting Mind, Body, and Spirit with simple activities that fit into daily life easily.Daily FastFIT 5 Minute Workouts https://www.facebook.com/groups/738975166204922/

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