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Business Development Tips & Coaching Interview With Mel McSherry


Mel is an International Business Development Coach and Speaker. Since 2010, she has launched two successful businesses, tripled her annual income and become an Amazon Best Selling author, all while raising her 8 year old son. She has worked with thousands of people, slashing their stress by showing them how to prioritize their time, their profit avenues and themselves correctly so they can create the business, money and life they want, fast! Check out: https://www.melmcsherry.com/

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Value Takeaways:

1 – Prioritize what you want and say yes to yourself

2 – No matter how much time you have, you are the one who has a full say in how to spend to

3 – Learn how to be productive

Interview Highlights


Sonia talks a bit about Melissa Mc sherry

  1. Melissa is a speaker, coach and author
  2. She is also an international business development coach
  3. Melissa has successfully launched two business and tripled her annual income
  4. She is also an Amazon bestselling author
  5. She has been featured in many podcast shows and the voyage Chicago magazine


Mel, Can you give us a little bit more context about your story for our listeners

  1. She has been a business owner since 2010
  2. Her first business was in the fitness industry
  3. She was a certified personal trainer
  4. Mel launched her first company in 2011


Melissa talks about being overwhelmed

  1. She loves to take the big vision and simplify it and show women how to control the time they have and how to be consistent in growth


Give us some tips on how to deal with all these spanners that are thrown at us in different works all the time

  1. No matter how much time you have, you have full say in how to spend to
  2. There is a difference between being productive and profitable
  3. Learn how to be productive


What would be some of your tips to people who need help prioritizing and arranging their time and finding it challenging?

  1. Personal development is helpful
  2. Separate emotions from facts
  3. Prioritize what you want and say yes to yourself


Melissa talks about Prioritizing


What’s on the horizon for you in 2020?

  1. She is working on a book
  2. She has also got great new service offerings to help women business owners develop their business idea and enhance their profit revenue


Do you have an offer for our listeners?

  1. Melissa has a checked list that is a great resource and will help you start prioritizing your time and your profit revenues


Are there any other last minute things you might want to say to people?

  1. Be patient with yourself
  2. It’s okay to take a moment
  3. Make sure to utilize your profitability mentally, emotionally and financially

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