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How “Meet Edgar” Can Help Your Business Interview With Megan McMullin – On-Boarding Business Coach


Megan has worked in marketing and customer support at a variety of startups around Denver, Colorado. At her latest position with MeetEdgar (a social media posting tool for small businesses) she leads webinars and consulting sessions about how to effectively stand out online. She thrives on creating values, experiences, and messaging people can relate to and love to interact with. She believes no one ever wants to feel sold to and that the best brands out there approach marketing as a conversation.   To have better conversation and achieve Social Media success you need systems to consistently show up for your followers with a variety of content.  Your goal is to take someone from a casual observer of your brand to an enthusiastic buyer.  That all stems from creating a page where people look forward to seeing your brand show up in their feed.  Systems in social media lead to more engagement, more traffic to your site, and more time for you to work on the things that matter in your social media marketing like content creation and community growth. 

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