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The Power Of Mindset Interview with Lydia Lukic

CEO of Limitless With Lydia – Mindset Coaching


Lydia started her professional career working for a well known Canadian corporation. Due to her strong leadership skills and coaching style she built a successful long term career with multiple opportunities. Her teams consistently delivered a strong performance, resulting in national high achievement recognition and awards.

By investing in self-development, working with top mentors like Tim Grover (Michael Jordan’s trainer) and recognizing the importance of mindset in action, Lydia discovered her passion for entrepreneurship. This realization empowered her to further evolve, and to start her online business.

Today, she is known as the Limitless Mindset Coach specializing in personal development and driving strong results. Lydia’s mission is to empower high-achieving entrepreneurs worldwide to tap into their unique gifts and dominate in their field. She utilizes her online programs to equip entrepreneurs in achieving their highest level of success by reframing their mindset.


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