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How Adventure And Fitness Will Make You Successful In Business Interview with Kelly Howard

CEO of Fit Is Freedom


Kelly Howard is a serial entrepreneur (she created and sold four different companies), who loves business, adventure and getting clients active. She’s been connecting women to freedom and personal empowerment through motivation, mindset, and adventure for 20 years and has changed thousands of lives with her Fit is Freedom podcast, courses, events. She’s the author of the Motivation Multiplier Method, former owner of Bayou City Outdoors, the largest outdoor activity and social club of its kind, and the creator of the FOX Outdoor Adventure Series. She’s led thousands of people on hiking, biking, and kayaking adventures worldwide. She currently calls Houston, Texas her home, but can frequently be found on rivers and trails across the globe.


“Something to look forward to makes everything is easier” (PDF workbook) https://kellyhoward.lpages.co/something-to-look-forward-to-gift-site/

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