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The 5 Mistakes Business Owners Make When Running Facebook Ads Interview With Johnathon Clark

Director & Facebook Advertising Specialist at Active8Social


Hi, I’m Johnathon Clark, Founder & CEO of Active 8 Social

My love for marketing came about after I helped my dad set up a website for his construction business.

Once complete, I asked myself; “What now? Do I just wait around and hope people will automatically find the website?”.

Of course, they didn’t! So I ended up cold emailing leads and when that didn’t consistently work, I purchased every course I could get my hands on until I mastered Facebook Ads.

I’ve since used my knowledge to help over 175 Coaches generate leads, taken service based businesses from $500 CPL to $12 in 1 week & then decided to specialize with eCommerce clients to generate a steady influx of sales.


Strategy Call For Ecom Clients: https://go.active8social.com/60x

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