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The Benefits Of Bringing A Nordic Approach To Business & Life Interview With Jeanette Eriksson

Executive / Performance Coach, Higher Education Expert & Amazon’s 2x’s Best-Selling Author


Jeanette Eriksson created Nordicly (Coaching & Consulting) out of her passion for making people and systems work and feel better. Jeanette’s outstanding personal skills, system improvement knowledge and understanding of the benefits of great coaching derive from 15 years of people and project management experience. Having led large teams a major London university for many years, whilst gaining national sports success, both as a captain and player, and at national team coaching level, Jeanette has learnt all the tricks of the ‘personal and business development’ trade. Jeanette is also an Amazon bestselling author and a writer for Brainz Magazine. Whether you need assistance with new and innovative Scandinavian thinking, or you need help to build your people and help them achieve clarity and progress in life and/or perform at a higher level at work, Jeanette is your Nordic(ly) solution.


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