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How A Hero’s Heart Can Lead To Burnout, Anxiety, And Other Stress-Related Illnesses


Hi, I’m Jacqueline Buckley (Jacquie) CD, BA Justice, M.A Counselling Psych, CCC-Q; owner of Blue Alliance Consulting.

As a veteran, former first responder and motivational speaker, I capture the hearts of my audiences with my story of moving from trauma and burnout to triumph and overcoming obstacles. 

My passion for my work came from my own experience working in various first responder roles throughout my life and witnessing how traumatic events can leave a draining impact on one’s mental and physical well-being.  My passion ignites my mission to ensure that every individual, including first responders has the tools to prevent and manage operational stress, PTSD, compassion fatigue and burnout. 

In 2014, I wrote my first book “Eye of the Storm: Personal Commitment to Managing Symptoms of PTSD”.  A book that shared how a tragic event affected my personal life and triggered the onset of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  After serving on the forensic identification dental team after SwissAir 111 crashed off the shores of Peggy’s Cove , my life took a traumatic turn which directly impacted my loved ones and myself.    Eye of the Storm shares the raw account of the healing, observation and understanding of the PTSD from a front line view. 

Shortly after my book launched , I was hit with  a cancer diagnosis throwing my plans off course. but not holding me back from completing my degree and shifting my focus on the lessons of life. I am resilient and in my new book Hero to Human,: A First Responders Guide to Overcoming the Shit that Keeps You Awake At Night, I share tips on preventing and navigating Operational Stress Injuries and burnout and how to regain and sustain resiliency along with stories from those working on the front lines who live and navigagte their worlds in positivity while serving others.

I am also a speaker for the Memory Project Speakers Bureau.  The Memory Project is a volunteer initiative created by Historica Canada that provides a platform for Veterans and Canadian Forces Members to speak about their experiences while serving. To make a request for me to speak at your event through the  Memory Project, please contact through the link provided. For all other speaking engagements, please email directly through the contact page. 

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