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Part 3 of 4 Mini-Course – Mindset, Health & Wellbeing For You & Your Business Interview With Donna Pemberton



Though this conversational style interview is a little long there is heaps of valuable information Donna shares with you, hence why she’s bringing you a 4 part series.

Donna is a Mindset Coach and Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and Infant Massage Instructor, has an advanced cert in Psychology and Counselling, and studying Cognitive Brain Therapy and her mindfulness masters. She has 27 years in the finance and accounting industry from H & R Block, Small Business Specialist for 1 of the big 4, was accounts payable for Nab and receivable for Govt with Knight Frank Price Waterhouse, Donna has worked in the motor Vehicle industry, Owned a fitness facility, Territory Manager in Insurance in accident and disability, Administrator in the building industry, worked for Telstra then back into banking and finished off in sales and social media as a marketing manager.

Donna also has a guided meditation subscription and she says she is a spiritual person having a normal life experience just like you. She believes that we can change the world through peace and it starts with ourselves. She hopes that each and every person on earth has the opportunity to be at their full potential and achieve the results in life that they set out to achieve.

Donna has not had an enchanted life, she was sexually abused as a teenager and saw the inside of her grave later in life, all the while knowing one day she would help others move beyond both of these events. Donna is a published author and has 2 books coming out later this year on both subjects that are her story.

Donna is working on her 4th renovation after starting again for the second time, Donna was married at 21 divorced at 31, and she has no children after 2 failed IVF and lost a natural pregnancy at 6w4d all in her single life of 11 years after her second relationship of 7 but still lives in hope. Donna say’s that support has such a big place in people’s lives, along with education. Life education is such a big part of our being that we don’t really know how or when it will be used, we are a wealth of knowledge to tap into and need to get it out and use our own wisdom rather than relying on others for our happiness, health and wellbeing.

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