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How To Move From Overwhelm To Stand Out Success For Your Business

The Architect of the Personal Growth Industry David Neagle


David Neagle is the founder of the multimillion-dollar global coaching company Life Is Now Inc, helping thousands of entrepreneurs, experts and self-employed professionals gain and find the right mindset to increase their revenue, turning their endeavours into seven and eight-figure ventures.

Being in the coaching and mentorship industry for more than 20 years, David has worked alongside other well-known mentors like Bob Proctor and Tony Robbins, and his clients include many well-known people, including New York Times #1 best-selling author Jen Sincero.

Because of the results his clients have achieved, along with his dedication, David’s coaching has expanded to more than 30 countries, and he has been featured on Forbes, CBS, NBC, Wall Street Journal, Inc, HLN, Entrepreneur and Fox. He is also the bestselling author of the Millions Within, a book focussing on intention, focus and awareness to build your dream business and life.

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How to Navigate Uncertainty During a Major Crisis. https://davidneagle.com/freeclass

Value Takeaways:

1 – Preserve and keep your mindset focused

2 – You have to want to achieve and have the right commitment

3 – Trust yourself when it comes to standing out

Interview Highlights

0:21- Sonia gives a little background on David

  1. He is a formidable leader
  2.  He is the founder of a multimillion dollar global coaching company
  3. David is a podcast host
  4. He is also an author with a new best selling
  5. David is the architect of the coaching and personal growth industry

1:44 – Can you tell us about your story?

  1. His parents split up when he was 13
  2.  David quit high school at 17
  3. He got married young and had two children
  4. David worked two jobs and lived on $20,000 per year
  5. He had an accident that almost took his life

 11:01 – What would be some of your tips for people to help them with the ups and downs that we go through in business?

  1. Cultivate the desire for what it is you want
  2. Realize it is a journey
  3. Continue with a growth mindset

16:50- What would be your tips on how people can maintain a healthy mindset?

  1. Preserve and keep your mindset focused
  2. Have people around you that can understand your values and mindset
  3. Cultivate a goal and make a commitment

23:15- What would be one tip that you could give to ensure that people are showing up with the correct energy?

  1. You have to want to achieve and have the right commitment

29:12- what are some sort of advice that could give on being a standout?

  1. Trust yourself

33:25- Is there any sort of last minute tip you want to give around the whole pivot thing?

  1. As long as we have our ability to choose, we find ways through and around obstacles and challenges in our lives

37:32– What is the horizon for you in 2020?

  1. David has  a media company that gives people media strategies using solutions for their business
  2. They have created something called “How to navigate uncertainty during a major crisis

40:14– Is there anything you would like to say to the listeners?

  1. Furnish your desires to be really honest with yourself and what you want.

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