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Empowering Women Over 40 To Rise Up & Create The Life Of Their Dreams Interview With Carmen Reed-Gilkison

Founder of Mid-Life To Best & Co-Founder of Encore Empire


Carmen Reed-Gilkison is a midlife transition specialist for women. Her passion for helping women over forty reclaim their lives was born from her midlife experience of being pulled to follow her heart and break-out of the status quo. Trained through an ICF-accredited coaching program and certified as a Whole Person Coach, Carmen has what it takes to help ambitious women who know they have more to offer the world. Carmen brings to the table decades of corporate marketing experience, winning multi-million dollar contracts. That, combined with her holistic coaching, helps guide women by creating profitable businesses from their life experiences.


The 3-Step Quick-Start Business Idea Guide is a downloadable PDF worksheet: https://encoreempire.com


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