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Spiritual Work + Business Interview With Bianca de Reus


All of us have gifts that we are here to bring to the world. For some of us, the gifts are ones that surprise us and put our lives on a distinct trajectory.

While on a nature walk with a friend, Bianca de Reus discovered she had a gift for communicating with animals. This is how it went down… She came upon a snake. Initially, a bit scared, Bianca realised she could understand what the snake was saying to her. It was telling her to embrace her gift and connect animals to people.

This was a turning point for Bianca. She was already practising energy healing for a few years and decided to explore her gift by completing a few courses to become a qualified animal communicator.

Still working in corporate finance, Bianca often found herself questioning her purpose in life. After a lot of self-analysis, she started working with people who shared her interest in connecting people to their animals and soon found her feet in the industry.

About three years ago, Bianca was made redundant from her corporate finance role. She started doing a lot more spiritual work with friends and family and occasionally she would get paid. This made her realise that this was what she loved doing and that she wanted the freedom to do things her way and not have to be reliant on anyone else, so that was when she started up her own business “Connecting Soul Beings”

Bianca’s purpose is Connecting Soul Beings by teaching Soul-to-Soul Connection – “I do this every single day, and I absolutely LOVE IT!” ………..Check out https://www.biancadereus.com/

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