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About Me

Here’s An Overview About Me…

I’m driven to help you with your business goals. I’m always developing bonus product, training clients, interviewing Leaders, and connecting across the globe.

Training and coaching Entrepreneurs like you and including staff all over the world online live, pre-recorded, and in-person is what I’m here for. I love live workshops because of the energy in the room and see the “ah-ha” moments hit peoples faces! Now it’s being done a whole lot more in Zoom rooms!

Empowering people to be strong Leaders for now and to be ready for the near and distant future is very important. You impact lives, communities and micro-economies, which ultimately when all added up, helps our country economies. That’s why I’m passionate and driven to helping you achieve your goals.

I also work with corporate staff and Lead Business Education Australia-wide including New Zealand as well as with Entrepreneurs globally.

I’m also the Co-Founder of Legrity Media bring the app LEGRITY to TV, the web, and devices all over the world. Providing training, hosting, and distribution to 322M registered app users and 4.1B internet households across 213 countries while enabling positive impacts on lives and communities is what we’re passionate about. If you’re interested to learn how to maximize your brand or just want to promote your products…let’s chat.

My Vision is to be a Philanthropist Entrepreneur joining forces with other like-minded Entrepreneurs to build positive futures for society and the planet.

My Mission is to empower Entrepreneurs and Businesses Owners and their opportunities to be prosperous with lots of joy while paying-it-forward.

My Values are: integrity, authenticity, tenacity, resilience, empowerment, strength, adaptability, joy.

**10% of profits from all sales are donated to not-for-profit organizations on a rotational sequence.

One step at a time and with collaborations we’ll get there. In the meantime, let’s just start with you.

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.” – Oprah Winfrey

Here’s A Bit More Of My Story…

Snoopy, my schnoodle, loves it when I’m home. He loves the cuddles and treats, oh, and so do the husband and kids.

I’m always working on something to help someone. I’ts always lovely to be sourced to assist a company to turn them around, to help set up a business, to write courses, to scale up a business, etc. I love a challenge. I’ve worked in the bricks and mortar world in different industries and well as the online world.

I’ve worked with boutique organizations and multi-national organizations. I’ve coaching CEO’s to floor staff, and of course everyone in between. I’ve taught technical skills and knowledge as well as soft skills. I’ve worked in the corporate space, private space, not-for-profit space, and Entrepreneurial space. Like I said I love a challenge and lots of diversity. Life has so many things to offer!

I’ve helped Entrepreneurs build 15 Million Dollar products, as well as helped marginalized youth with providing education and pre-apprenticeship training.

I’ve been an apprentice, an employee, a manager, a general manager, an RTO manager (registered training organization – something like a technical college), and business owner (a couple of times over). I’ve also been a crew member for Australia’s top Entrepreneur’s events!

I’m always learning and teaching others. As a Qualified Trainer Assessor in Business, Management, Marketing and HR, and as a Coach, Facilitator, and Subject Matter Expert, an Author and Podcast Host, and TV Show Host, you could say I’ve got a bit of experience.

Now holding courses, workshops, and interviews is the next major focus of my life. Each of my kids and husband are getting involved in their own way, which is lots of fun.

I’m also a Co-Founder of a global streaming TV network helping Content Creators and Entrepreneurs take their message to the world… talk about empowering challenges!

Keep an eye on this space!

The Formal Stuff…

  • Entrepreneur Education Specialist
  • Business Coach, Consultant, Trainer, Educator, Mentor
  • Corporate Trainer – Professional Development (PD) in Soft Skills
  • Qualified Trainer Assessor for certificates III to Advanced Diploma in: Business, Management, HR, and Marketing
  • MBA in:
    • Entrepreneurial Management
    • Business
  • Diplomas in:
    • Business
    • Management
    • Salon Management
  • Certificate IV in:
    • TAE (Training & Assessing)
    • Leadership & Management
    • Competitive Systems & Practices
  • PCM (Process Communication Model) Level 1
  • Co-Author of Best-Selling “1 Habit™ For Entrepreneurial Success” with 17 Celebrities & 133 Experts
  • Media training
  • TV & Podcast Host “Prosper with Sonia Clark” interviewing, educating, and entertaining Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs




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