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Finally! A Mini MBA For Entrepreneurs That’s Quick, Easy & Profitable With Proven Strategies Even Oprah Used!

Business has been challenging of late, right?

Is it thriving how you want it to?

Why waste your time and money with fluff and hype strategies that bring you a low ROI?

As a Qualified Business Trainer & Assessor having trained over 3000 Entrepreneurs and Staff and helped build them 6 & 7 Figure products, I’ve brought the best of all the elements together with a highly engaging Mini MBA.

I’m passionate to help you, the Entrepreneur succeed.

Why?  Because you build our communities and micro-economies. We need you to be successful right now!

I’m on a MISSION to empower Entrepreneurs like you to create joyful lives from prosperous businesses.

A Mini MBE embedded with Entre-Leadership strategies get you there and help you stand out from the crowd!

Some of my clients…

It was really great working with you Sonia. Keep doing what you’re doing.

David Neagle

CEO, Life Is Now | Personal Development Architect | Podcast Host

You’re such a “happen maker”. Thank you for helping me and us with the photo session and social media.

Jay Jam

CEO, Entrepreneur

It’s a pleasure working with you. I love what you do. And thank you for your recommendation. 

Janella Purcell

Health Practitioner | Author | Retreats

Thank you with teaching me so much, from training others to business practices. You’knowledge is gold!

Sheryn D

Forever Learning

"I believe that one of life's greatest risks is never daring to risk." - Oprah Winfrey

Register above for a REAL Free Business Growth Strategy Session Call to create customizable strategies for your business growth. Not a Sales Pitch.

You’ll receive an email with directions and your 7 BONUSES.

In this call you will experience high-performance coaching to build prosperity:

We’ll explore your Vision & Mission goals and how it aligns with your life goals.

We’ll establish what’s holding you back and your options.

You’ll receive the Strategies & Tools you need to close the gap between where your’re at right now and where you want to be, and how you’re going to leverage it. 

We’ll discuss how you will keep yourself accountable and how I can support you to ensure you achieve your goals and success towards Prosperity.

If you really want to make a difference, then you’ll need to step up to the plate.

The effort in a farmer tilling the soil, planting the seeds, nurturing the plants in the short term, adjusting to issues that crop up, and using the right education, methods and tools plus getting the right support, mean the farmer will reap the rewards.

I’m passionate in helping Small Business Owners be successful because you build our communities and impact lives. We need you to be successful.

And because I’m a qualified Trainer Assessor I’m passionate in providing quality business education.

You can reap the rewards! No more letting other people hold you back. It’s your time to shine.

So let’s make this happen together.

P. S. – Your Bonus Building Tools for your Free Checklist include:

  • 3 Business Tools (in PDF format) to organize yourself, your staff, and your social media.
  • 3 Training Videos on how to use the tools
  • 1 Business Coaching videos to keep you focused and motivated

It’s Here, Amazon Best-Seller! 

World’s Largest Book for Entrepreneurs Ever Published! 

What separates struggling small business owners from the powerfully rich CEO’s who seems to have everything working in their favor?  They both embody entrepreneurial spirits, but one has superior HABITS for a bigger impact in Business & Life!

To achieve unimaginable business success and financial wealth—to reach the upper echelons of entrepreneurs, where you’ll find Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Marc Cuban, Tony Robbins, Sara Blakely, Elon Musk, Michael Jordan and many others—you have to change the way you think and the habits you do daily.  

17 Celebrities & 133 Experts AND, I’m a Co-Author!!!

In this book, you will find the 17 Celebrities of:

  • Sharon Lechter – New York Times Bestselling Co-Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad
  • Frank Shankwitz – Founder of the Make–A–Wish Foundation
  • Joe Theismann – Super Bowl Winning Quarterback
  • Prescott Ellison – Grammy Award-winning drummer
  • Brian Smith – Founder of UGG Boots
  • Rob Angel – Creator of Pictionary
  • Chuck Liddell – Hall of Fame Mixed Martial Artist, Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champ
  • Don “The Dragon” Wilson – Martial Arts Action Star, 11-times Pro Kickboxing World Champion
  • Les Brown – Motivational Speaker, Author
  • Bas Rutten – Retired professional Mixed Martial Artist
  • Alec Stern – Co-Founder of Constant Contact
  • Kevin Sorbo – Producer, Director, Lead Actor in Hercules, The Legendary Journeys
  • Kerry Gordy – Multi-Platinum Music Producer
  • Paul Logan –  Actor, Producer, Writer, Fitness Superstar
  • Marla Gibbs – Actress, 5 time Emmy Nominee, Golden Globe Nominee
  • Gary Lockwood – Star of 2001: A Space Odyssey, and the Star Trek pilot episode

Here’s a platform of powerful knowledge, experience and Free tools for you…

Get Lifetime Access + Lots Of Giveaways! Valued @ over $33,000 Yours Right Now For $57!


The Entrepreneur’s Summit Online Video Series

Join 24 Expert Entrepreneurs from around the globe for the Entrepreneurs’ Business Video Series Summit. These experts give YOU their tips and strategies on achieving success, for FREE on various topics essential for business and yourself.

Plus bonuses galore!

Niches like: 


Business Growth Strategies



Empowerment Coaching

Transformation Coaching


Thought & Illuminary Leadership


Confidence Coaching

Business Coaching & Consulting

Social Media Scheduling Tools

Personal & Professional Development

Creating Successful Business Systems

Uplifting, empowering, inspiring. Thank you. I’m so impressed, I did three courses. I’m now more confident in creating successful outcomes.


McKillop Foundation

I learned a lot from Sonia. She is so knowledgeable I felt I want to become like her. I became so much more confident and know I’ll crush it as a Manager.


Hello World

Sonia’s information has helped me in the different parts of my business as well as for me. I’m able to overcome my personal challenges and be more focussed.



A knowledgeable and passionate presenter. I learned how to make my action plan get me to where I want to be, quicker. Keep up the good work Sonia!



My (short) Story…

I didn’t realise I learned things differently. I learned how to teach myself, so when I started achieving awards and great results, people asked me to teach them. I was hooked! I love helping to develop people’s potential as well as developing their businesses.

I started my first business from scratch when I was 25 with a new baby too and was training staff in my first year. That’s when I fell in love with building successful businesses, even through the recession and GFC.

I’m passionate about empowering people now and for the future. I’m a visionary and futurist with the ethos of “Paying-it-forward”. I help Business Owners to get ready for the future and thrive!

I’m not happy until my clients are, whether their business is micro, small, medium, or large.

And Snoopy loves me being home and talking to people because he likes to get in on the act and share biscuits with cups of tea!

Tell me about your story…










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