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Hi there, I’m Sonia.

I teach Entrepreneurs / Business Owners & Staff to take their business to the next level with a unique, holistic PROSPERITY focus for now and into the future.

How Are You Showing Up To Make A Difference For Your Business, Yourself & Your Loved Ones?

It Can be confusing. And so many “specialists” will only treat you like a number. Not me…I’m passionate to help you get results!

Are you really achieving the prosperity you want from your business? I’d love to help you with it and make your dreams come true!

Below you will find some products that will help…

Let me help you build your dreams and share your message…now.

Here’s Some Business Products For You…

Personalized Prosperity Business Coaching

1:1 Prosperity Business Coaching tailored sessions + 21 Point Analysis Prosperity Mapping.  Total Value $14,997 for only $4,997! Limited numbers & time – hurry!

Maximize Your Results With Story Marketing

Gain the “inside secrets” to growing your business with effective Story Marketing on-demand Course + $591 FREE Bonuses. Total Value $1088 for only $197!!!

Be Promoted Globally @ 1/4 Price You'll Find Anywhere Else

Spread your message, cross-promote and collaborate with many others who will help you grow your business. Let’s chat to find out what suits you and your business. 

Who Is Sonia I Hear You Ask…?

Here’s my short story…

I didn’t realize I learned things differently. I learned how to teach myself, so when I started achieving awards and great results, people asked me to teach them. I was hooked! I love helping to develop people’s potential.

I started my first business from scratch when I was 25 with a new baby too and was training staff in my first year. That’s when I fell in love with building successful businesses, even through the recession and GFC.

I know what it’s like to be disempowered, and even lose everything from unfortunate circumstances, and re-building and growing as an individual and business. Fortunately, I’m stubborn and like proving negative people wrong.

I’ve worked for and with micro, small, medium,  large, and very large – 5, 6, 7 & 8 figure clients. I’ve turned businesses around, and have even built a $15M prototype product in 10 months! Oh, and yes, I’ve trained over 3000 Business Owners & Staff.

You could say I love a challenge!

Snoopy loves me being home more these days and talking to people because he likes to get in on the act and share biscuits with cups of tea!

How about you…what’s your story? Why not connect with me and let me promote you?

Be Interviewed & Get Promoted!

TV, PODCAST OR BOTH? Prosper with Sonia Clark is about helping Entrepreneurs to prosper in all facets of personal and professional life.

Spotlighting & Promoting inspiring Leaders while providing education, entertainment, discussion panels, innovative products, stories, and fun to positively impact lives and communities.

Promote your products worldwide to 322M App users & 4.1 B Internet households & Smart TV’s across 213 countries AND cheaper than other TV & FB ads!

Some Of My Clients & Testimonies…

It was really great working with you Sonia. Keep doing what you’re doing.

David Neagle

CEO, Life Is Now | Personal Development Architect | Podcast Host

It’s a pleasure working with you. I love what you do. And thank you for your recommendation. Love the chats.

Janella Purcell

Health Practitioner | Author | Chef |Retreats

I’ve learned so much from Sonia and loved every minute, even when she stretches me I know she’s always got my back.

Liza Boubari

CEO, LizaBoubari | Heal Within Wellness Clinic

Thank you for your wonderful support, you made it “happen” for me! With lots of gratitude and appreciation from me to you.

Ajai Augustine

Founder, Pro Health Wellbeing

More Business Products For You…

Business Resources

Business and professional development tools just for you.

The Worlds Biggest & Best Entrepreneur Book

150 Expert Entrepreneur’s Knowledge

Some Of My Clients & Testimonies…

I love having conversations with you Sonia, you ideas and your knowledge blow me away. Thank you for helping me achive bigger goals.

Niurka Castaneda

Founder, Amor Umbrella

Sonia, I just want you to know how amazing you are! Thank you for lending your time and talents to my success! It means the world to me!

Teresa Cundiff

Founder, Teresa Talks

You’re such a “happen maker”. Thank you for helping me and us with the photo session and social media, and make it happen.

Jay Jam

CEO, Entrepreneur

Thank you for teaching me so much, from training others, to my own business practices. Your knowledge is gold!

Sheryn D

Forever Learning

This Is If You’re Serious & Ready To ROAR…

Finally! A Mini MBA Designed For Entrepreneurs That’s Quick, Easy & Profitable With Proven Strategies Even Oprah Used!

If you’re serious and want to get your business strategies and systems ready for sustainable growth, and know the “no fluff” fundamentals, then it’s time for the world’s ONLY Mini MBA for Entrepreneurs!

Some Of My Clients & Testimonies…

Uplifting, empowering, inspiring. Thank you. I’m so impressed, I did three courses. I’m now more confident in creating successful outcomes.


McKillop Foundation

I learned a lot from Sonia. She is so knowledgeable I felt I want to become like her. I became so much more confident and know I’ll crush it as a Manager.


Hello World

Sonia’s information has helped me in the different parts of my business as well as for me. I’m able to overcome my personal challenges and be more focussed.



A knowledgeable and passionate presenter. I learned how to make my action plan get me to where I want to be, quicker. Keep up the good work Sonia!






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